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Accident Damage

An important part of a vehicle inspection is determining any accident damage the vehicle may have received in the past. It’s a common practise when selling a vehicle making a full preparation to ensure it looks like a great deal for anyone interested, and in some cases, sellers tend to hide those aspects that may keep potential buyer from completing the purchase. With the experience and knowledge of our well-prepared experts you can forget about any issues related to hidden past vehicle damage such as auto part replacements, dents and scratches covered with paint finishes.

Some of the issues we pay thorough attention to when determining if a vehicle has undergone accident damage in the past are:

  • Fixed Airbags: If the car’s airbags are fixed or there are signs that they were replaced, you have the first indication that the vehicle was involved in an accident. To find out if the indicator in the dash or indicator light also works, it should light up for a few moments when you start the vehicle.
  • Details in the painting: We always check that the painting is homogeneous and that all the parts have the same tone. A slight color difference could mean an entire part of the car has been replaced or repaired, resulting in a crash.
  • Imperfect closing of doors: If the doors are not closed properly, it is a sign of a strong blow in the area.
  • Watching out for welds: There should be no welds on any of the elements that make up the front and rear of the car; and everything should fit together perfectly.
  • Dented patent plates: We also check the patent plates. Even if the car has been through a renovation, if the patent was crashed it can keep records of accidents.
  • Condition of the tyres: The tyres must have even wear, and the rims must all be the same size.


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