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Some of the most important expenses required by used cars take place on the inside of the vehicle. That part that is not essential for its functioning but must offer comfort to the passengers. There are many aspects of the vehicles’ interior that require being revised and inspected, being the condition of the mat and the board a great starting point for our experts at Mobile Vehicle Inspections. We also check that the driver’s cabin is not cracked, damaged or tampered with to ensure all functions are within full functioning parameters.

On the interior part of the vehicle our experts will also check the operation of electrical systems, including the air conditioning, the audio system and the alarm must work well. If the car has suffered a crash, these elements may be faulty or simply not work. It is not normal to find leaks except for those from the air conditioning. Green fluid is normally antifreeze, reddish is usually from transmission or steering, dark brown or black is oil or brake fluid. Any of these leaks is an alarm that some component is not working properly, and one cause of this may be a past crash. Lastly, during the inspection we will check the proper functioning of the engine as well. When starting the engine, you must be careful that it does not present strange noises, such as squeaks or other sounds.

At Mobile Vehicle Inspections we provide a thorough and highly detailed inspection that covers all the aspects of a vehicle and what may affect its performance in the future, determining if it’s a good choice for a purchase or not.


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