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Vehicle inspection before purchase

Welcome to Mobile Vehicle Inspections, the best place to find the well-detailed Vehicle Inspection Before Purchase you need. We cater our customers’ needs and make sure people who select our services receive the dedicated assistance they deserve before deciding to buy a used vehicle. It is difficult to maintain a rational thought towards deciding whether a vehicle is a good purchase or not, but with our professional assistance through our superior vehicle inspection before purchase. When you select Mobile Vehicle Inspections to complete a vehicle inspection before purchase, you are making a smart move before the purchase of any used car, whether it’s the collectable classic you have wished for a long time or a family sedan that is only a few years old.

Even if you have laid eyes on the car yourself and have knowledge in the essential aspects that keep a vehicle in good conditions, a professional vehicle pre purchase inspection in Melbourne performed by our qualified experts can ensure that you are purchasing the car you think you are buying or it can reveal details about the vehicle’s past story that the seller will not tell you to preserve the old price of the vehicle.

At Mobile Vehicle Inspections we are a proudly Australian owned and operated company with years of experience supplying superior inspection before purchase up to the highest standards of the industry and keeping our clients safe from unpleasant surprises that rise shortly after a deal is done without the proper previous examination. Every vehicle pre purchase inspection we complete starts with a visual once-over of the car, and then we proceed to check out everything, from the function of its lights and gauges, to alignment of its body panels, including a checking of the oil and other fluids. Give us a call today!

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