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The exterior part of a car and its underbody allow us to determine if the seller is being honest or if they are hiding something from us. It also helps estimate if the price they are asking for the vehicle is accurate. Our experts at Mobile Vehicle Inspections pay close attention to all the aspects of the exterior part of the car and what information it provides during an inspection. Hire our professional vehicle inspection service to have peace of mind knowing a dedicated expert will perform this process properly paying attention, touching around the exhaust, moldings and windows to see if the vehicle has some bumps or scratches on the metal or the paint. A well-kept car that is kept in a garage has a uniform color. Any color changes noticed will also be spotted in time.

After a good color inspection and looking for dents and other types of damage hidden beneath the paint, our experts will proceed to start looking for rust, blistered paint, or damaged areas on the wheels and doors. Keep in mind that the rust cannot be repaired and that affected part of the car will have to be replaced.

Checking all the lights is also part of our exterior/underbody vehicle checking process. Get an exhaustive review on the status of the vehicle you want to purchase with the help of our experts in vehicle inspections.


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