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Mechanical Inspection


Our mechanical inspection at Mobile Vehicle Inspections consists of a deep revision of all the auto parts important in the proper functioning of a vehicle, including checking suspension performance, engine responsivity and function, transmission operation, brake efficiency and more. Trust a highly qualified professional with this task of determining if the vehicle is in the right conditions to stand as a good purchase that will perform well for a long time without causing you important investments in repairs in the near future.

Mobile Vehicle Inspections is an experienced business with a well-cemented reputation as the main option for professional mechanical inspections at the highest level of specialisation, helping our clients complete their used vehicle purchase in a satisfactory manner and ensuring there will be no surprises short after the deal is closed. Together with the expertise of our dedicated and hard-working professionals, you will also enjoy the best results achieved using cutting-edge automotive mechanical technology such as our vehicle scanners.

This a proudly Australian owned and operated company that understands the importance of a properly completed mechanical inspection in order to complete a satisfactory vehicle purchase. Protect your money and make sure you are exchanging it for a vehicle in good conditions that will offer you a great performance level for a long time. Here at Mobile Vehicle Inspections we are ready to help you with a pre-purchase inspection completed by our knowledgeable experts.


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