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Road Test


At Mobile Vehicle Inspections we are of the opinion that there is not a better way to find out if a vehicle is in the right conditions than with a good old road test. Get inside the car with one of our expert mechanics and let’s check the way the vehicle works while covering a couple of kilometers finding our if there are any failing parts or if it’s smooth enough when driving it to be considered a good option for a future purchase.

With an road test our experts will be able to spot any issues related to worn tires, engine problems and more, issues that will surely not be that noticeable if the car is parked during the entire inspection and some other problems that may only rise once the vehicle has been working for a couple of minutes. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business with a long list of clients satisfied with the pre-purchase inspection service we offer. You will find our service as the perfect option to complement any used vehicle purchase transaction ensuring you are making the best decision moneywise, preventing future visits to the mechanic or emergencies rising up due to failing parts.

Contact us today if you want more information about our Vehicle Inspections in Melbourne and let us help you improve the whole used vehicle purchase process that we know can sometimes be very tough. We are Mobile Vehicle Inspections, the place where an excellent inspection is performed, from the mechanical inspection to the part where we test the power of this automotive machine you are intending to buy on the road.


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