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What’s included in the pre purchase car inspection?

Welcome to Mobile Vehicle Inspections, your professional vehicle inspection providers completing all the recommended pre-purchase control protocols to make sure our clients acquire used vehicles that will come up to their expectations.

Our service at Mobile Vehicle Inspections is oriented to all those people who are deciding to buy a used vehicle, giving the future buyer a complete overview of the real status of the car in all its versions, classic and collectible cars, high-end cars, trucks, 4x4s, utilities, motorcycles and large vehicles. We make you completely aware of every single important aspect that can be considered critical at the time of purchasing a vehicle so you can determine if the deal represents the best value for money.

When deciding which is the right vehicle to buy, a mechanical check is essential to avoid problems in the future that will enlarge the investment the vehicle represents. We have highly trained personnel with great knowledge of the used vehicle market, which will assist you so you can make a safe purchase.

These are the features included in our pre-purchase car inspection process:

Mechanical Inspection

Our professional mechanics will perform detailed testing of suspension performance, engine responsivity, transmission function, brake efficiency and more.

Advance Level 3 Computer Scanning

We offer advanced computarised scanning using premium vehicle scanners equipped with the most innovative and reliable technology adopted first exclusively by Mobile Vehicle Inspections.

Accident Damage

Find out if the seller is hiding accident damage or hasn’t told you the whole truth about the incidents the vehicle has undergone in the past.


With our deep knowledge in vehicles’ parts and experience performing pre-purchase inspections we are able to determine the real status of the vehicle, including all damage or wear caused by its daily use.


We also check the status of the interior parts of the vehicle such as the seats, the upholstery, the wheel and more.

History report

Revising the vehicle’s history report will allow us to have more detailed information of the vehicle.

Odometer Discrepancy Check

We will do every possible check to make sure the kilometrage of the vehicle hasn’t been manipulated to make the car seem newer.

Road test

On a road test with a professional mechanic with expertise and years of knowledge in this field you can rest assured any issues will come up and be spotted right in time.

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Are you buying or selling a vehicle? Are you on the fence about its condition? Does it tick all the boxes? Let us tell you! Experience exceptional car pre purchase inspection Melbourne services from our leading mobile car mechanics situated here in Melbourne. With extensive experience in our field, highly knowledgeable technicians and an ever-growing itch for success; we are your number one pre purchase vehicle inspection Melbourne service. During our thorough inspections we ensure that all mechanical, structural and safety defects are uncovered prior to buying or selling a vehicle. We provide a detailed report to you, as our transparency is unparalleled, hence why we have been labelled as the finest pre purchase vehicle inspection Melbourne service available.

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“I used Alpha Mobile Mechanics for the 2nd time in 12 months. This time my vehicle was making a wretched noise when driving. I needed a new wheel bearing that was causing the issue. George was as quick professional and reasonably priced as the last time I used him and my car is back to health! I was have no hesitation using him again and I thoroughly recommended him to anyone.”

Chris T.

“Needed service and the mechanic done a great job. Took his time to get it right, outside my doorstep. I was very pleased and I would recommend him to anyone for any vehicle work I have used him on several occasions and each time I have been more 100% satisfied.”

Carcey K.

“Fast, efficient, professional, prompt and reliable service. A well-experienced mechanic who knows what he’s talking about. Arranging an appointment was easy, he showed up on time and had tips on how to get the best car part I needed. I’d be more than happy to use him again and recommend him to my friends and family!”



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