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Odometer Check


An odometer is a device that measures the distance traveled by a moving object, in our case, a vehicle. They are used in vehicle odometers and to measure distances in surveying, ergometry, road safety and other industrial applications. At Mobile Vehicle Inspections this is one of the inspections we do during a thorough pre-purchase inspection vehicle inspection.

The sale price of a used vehicle is influenced by many factors, but one of the most determining factors is the number of kilometers it has traveled. If all the other characteristics are the same in two vehicles, the one with fewer kilometers will be more expensive. For this reason, manipulating odometer measurements has been a very widespread practice and is known by the word clocking.

Clocking on a mechanical odometer is a fairly straightforward task. It can be done by simply removing the odometer, moving the gear system until it displays the desired value, and replacing the odometer in the vehicle. Unsuspecting buyers can expect to pay far more than the car’s true value and discover fraud over time. With the advent of digital odometers, it was thought that fraud would be dramatically reduced. But the reality is that, with legal calibration tools, they can be manipulated even more easily than mechanical odometers. Make sure you are paying a fair price for the vehicle you are purchasing with our vehicle inspection which includes the use of an odometer to determine the exact number of kilometers the vehicle has covered during its time of use.


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